Ummah for Talent Solutions Co.

Ummah for Talent Solutions Co. is a human resources development organization based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

As founders of UTS Co, we have been working in the field of human resources development for more than 20 years.

We have been offering solutions for leaders in the delivery of training and education to develop employee skills and to effectively build national and organizational competencies.

UTS aspires to build sound partnerships with diverse client organizations to create a culture that values genuine learning, a culture that encourages and rewards exceptional performance and continuous improvement, fosters teamwork, and maintains a balanced relation between workplace demands and personal life issues.

We design and implement effective customized solutions in a cost-effective manner to create learning environments that enable organizations and individuals to grow in the right direction.

Our Solutions

Talent Development

Program Design

Education and Learning Solutions


Talent Development

Foundation Skills: UTS offers solutions for upgrading the basic foundation skills for fresh graduates to help them acquire the needed requirements for work commencement. We have developed tailored – English language courses that tackle the language skills for each trade in business.

Our employability skills program helps trainees in particular get engaged and develop a sense of responsibility and professionalism at workplace.

Applied mathematics, communication skills, making presentations, attending meetings, telephoning, formal correspondence… etc. are all UTS designed programs to enrich the knowledge and skills of a new employee or staff members.


  • Management and Organizational Development
  • Developing Individual and Organizational Learning.
  • Leadership and Human Resources Management


  • Financial Planning, Performance and Control.
  • Financial Decision Making.

Program Design and Management:

Ummah for Talent solutions designs, implements, and manages programs addressing critical issues affecting schools, teachers, and students.
UTS develops initiatives that help schools improve curriculum, materials, instruction, classroom management and organizational growth; and to meet the needs of students with special needs in an inclusion setting.

Program Design

UTS creatively develops programs to deal with the needs of each organisation. We develop a plan of action in lights of the needs analysis and the process of evaluating our designed program that satisfies the needs of our clients and deals with the challenges of their talents.

UTS offers to facilitate communication, make reservations, and the necessary arrangements on behalf of our partners to make journey of the arrival and departure of their delegates more comfortable and fun in the meantime with the numerous options that can be offered through our office in Bahrain.

Education & Learning Solutions

Our educational development vision implies the following:

  • Achieving a high quality student learning experience
  • Enhancing teaching and learning practices, curriculum design and learning support
  • Helping institutions function as robust, evidence-based, student-centered learning communities.


UTS offers this service to our clients as job seekers or employers to facilitate communication and offer alternatives for both parties.
Since we believe in creating a balanced professional atmosphere for our partners, we feel it’s our mission to liaise and coordinate to offer practical solutions through a digital platform.

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